We’re into on-again, off-again relationships. It’s the basis behind Slice. Long term commitments when it comes to insurance just isn’t a fit, especially for you gig workers. You decide when, where and how long you work. Why not have insurance that matches your style?

  1. We’re here when you need us, not when you don’t. Insurance that turns on and off.
  2. We’re super supportive of your needs—providing $2M in commercial liability, the full replacement of your home and contents, and 18 unique coverages for things like infestation, loss of income, theft, vandalism and so on.
  3. We’re a cheap date—take us out for an average of $7/night.
  4. We’re always available—buy insurance anytime you like—day or night—directly from slice.is or from our iOS app (Google Play coming soon) and have your policy in seconds. With Slice you’ll never be waiting for us to arrive, we’re always on-time.

You may think you’re benefiting from your long term relationship with your annual homeowners policy or platform guarantee, but we’re here to tell you’re probably not getting everything you need (or anything at all) out of the relationship. You're just not covered like you should be. 

So for all you homesharing hosts, your perfect match has arrived. If you’re the type that jumps right in, get your on-again, off-again relationship started at www.slice.is/homeshare. If you’d prefer to get to know us a bit more, you can do so here. Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions (chatbot on the website).