Beta Launch

By Emily Mertz   | 

 Tags: homeshare

Hello, we’re Slice. It’s official, we’ve launched the first on-demand insurance product in the United States. Turn on coverage when you need it, and off when you don’t. This ain’t no old-timey insurance policy. We have designed, from bottoms up, a brand new, never seen before, policy that addresses the homeshare hosts' personal and business needs, and delivers it on-demand and per use. No more long application processes, annual policies, and renewals. Just buy it when you need it. Simple as that.

For now, we are only offering it as a private beta for members on Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO or FlipKey platforms. We’re going to gather feedback from the beta users, make any necessary modifications and then share the world’s first on-demand insurance product with homeshare hosts across the US. The beta is limited and we already have hosts signed up in anticipation, so be one of the first and join the beta.  Slice is currently licensed in 49 states - there’s just one more that’s being a bit difficult. And, we are working hard on our rideshare product, so stay tuned.  

So what makes Slice homeshare insurance so magnificent? We will give you our top 7 reasons:

  1. It’s on-demand - you only pay for it when you need it (not all year long).
  2. We’ve designed the first true homeshare insurance product specifically for homeshare hosts.
  3. Only the best protection for you - truly, it is ($2M commercial liability coverage, full replacement cost coverage for the home, other structures and contents, etc).  Backed by an A.M. Best A+ Superior insurer so you know we’re not going anywhere or we’re there when you need us, always.
  4. It’s super affordable - most hosts pay between $4 and $7 per day for best-in-class protection.
  5. You manage your coverage, claims and notifications all within one beautiful, easy-to-use app.
  6. Filing a claim is simple. All you have to do is upload a file, picture or video, and we'll have your money to you instantly.
  7. We promised we wouldn’t ask you stuff we already know and we don’t. Coverage with a click or coverage in seconds.

If you’re as excited as we are, you can do two things:

  1. Sign up to join the beta
  2. Sign up to get updates on Slice