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There is a lot of confusion around short-term rental insurance. I read all sorts of comments and questions on forums and Facebook groups, like these:

“Do I really need short-term rental insurance?”

“Doesn’t my homeowner’s policy automatically cover my short-term rental activity?”

“How is short-term rental insurance different from the Airbnb Host Guarantee?”

“I have an endorsement rider - isn’t that enough coverage?”

“What happens to my homeowners rates if I make a claim against my endorsement rider?"

The answers to the questions above are yes, no, it’s a real policy in your name, no, and they could go up.

Slice was started because of the risks hosts face. We saw a gap in coverage for people working in the sharing economy. We started the company because we knew the traditional insurance model wasn’t enough. We wanted to create something that had never been seen—something that truly looks out for you!  We’re here to help. Here’s how:

  • We help by providing comprehensive coverage while you’re risking your personal assets—We’re proud of what we cover ($2M in commercial liability, the full replacement cost of your home + your contents + the cost of you to live somewhere else while your home is being repaired, 18 coverages - things like theft, breakage of valuables, damage to electronics, bed bugs, loss of income, water, fire, and so on)
  • We help by making it easy to purchase coverage—Online or through the Slice homeshare app, you can have a policy in minutes.
  • We help by making it affordable to have coverage—You only pay when you have guests rather than an annual policy. The average rate is $7/ night.
  • We help by making the claims experience as easy and fast as possibleWe make it simple to file claims through the website or app by simply uploading an image, or text file explaining what happened.

All of us at Slice know that trust is earned, and it’s something we’re determined to earn! Slice truly has your best interests at heart and we want to be fully transparent about our business practices, process and policies. If you have other ideas about how we can help with your homesharing insurance experience we’d love to hear from you. Email me at emily@slice.is

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