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If you've decided to rent out your home for this once-in-a-lifetime event, you’re one smart cookie. 

The last total eclipse was in 1918 so there's good reason for all the hype. This eclipse, taking place on August 21st, will make a 70-mile trek across the sky from Oregon to South Carolina on “the path of totality” turning day into night for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The exact time of the event depends on what part of the country you are in.

A HomeAway spokesperson, cited in a Forbes article, said the eclipse, in terms of homeshare rentals, is "right up there with huge events like the Super Bowl, a visit from the Pope, and a giant music festival.”  According to Airbnb, there are 31,000 bookings for the night of August 20 compared to 11,000 on this date last year. Many hosts are reaping the benefits of this event getting rates over $2,000 / night in some places.

Hosting your home for this event? Here are some things you could provide to give that rental the special touch to your Eclipse watchers: 

  • Solar eclipse glasses ('Eclipse blindness' is a real thing), but be sure to read this before purchasing
  • A few lawn chairs,  a picnic blanket, or a cooler to borrow
  • A list of the best, or little known viewing locations
  • The local time the eclipse will be passing over their heads. If your rental is located in a “path of totality” state, you can find that time here.

Don’t get eclipsed by the eclipse. Give your guests all the more reason to give you that five star review.


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