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In honor of Earth Day, here are five easy ways you can be sure your short-term rental is eco-friendly and energy efficient. This year’s Earth Day Network campaign is to end plastic pollution—our first three tips can help you take part today and every day.

  1. Provide recycling options. Clearly label your bins and provide information on bin collection. If given the opportunity, most guests will recycle. Take it a step further: if your property has a garden, provide a compost bin. But, be sure to include detailed instructions! You don’t want anyone putting something in your compost that doesn’t belong there.
  2. Help out guests who want to shop and cook by leaving reusable shopping bags so they don’t have to buy their own or use disposable plastic bags.
  3. Have filtered water in the house so guests don’t have to buy plastic water bottles. This can be a filter installed on your tap or a Brita filter in the fridge. Perhaps leave a few reusable water bottles for guests to borrow.
  4. Install energy efficient lighting. Energy efficient bulbs obviously use less energy, but also save you money by lasting longer, which is also a bonus if you can’t visit your property often.
  5. Help reduce the carbon footprint by giving your guests local public transportation info.
These tips to making your rental more eco-friendly will not only help save our planet, but will boost rental activity as more and more guests choose environmentally friendly rentals over those that are not.  For more ways Earth Day tips for you and your short-term rental, visit https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-tips/.