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Mobility is a popular track in our Virtual Hackathon Series so last week we published The Future of Mobility Insurance. Written by our CTO, Stuart Baserman, and Head of Product, Lorelei Farrell, this white paper covers business trends, marketplace shifts. and a realistic review of technology challenges. We dive into enabling technologies and systems behind the future of mobility insurance, such as:

  • Advanced Telematics
  • Embedded Sensors
  • 5G Evolution & 6G
  • Edge Computing & Distributed Cloud Computing

We discuss challenges with technology such as smartphones, data and inferences, data security, and the management of lots of data. We wrap up the report with our thoughts on preparing for possible futures. 

If you’re interested in the mobility space and you agree that the shift forward will go beyond tweaking legacy products and systems, or you just want a thought-provoking read, grab a copy here https://info.slice.is/en-us/whitepaper-the-future-of-mobility-insurance.