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Bon Jovi fans, anyone?

Today marks the day Slice offers homeshare insurance coverage in 25 states, (plus D.C.). So with just 25 more states to go we’re “halfway there” (thus, the Bon Jovi reference.)

All this tremendous growth happened in less than one year, so while we may be patting ourselves on the back and celebrating (while singing Bon Jovi of course), we’re also thanking our early adopters who have helped to make us so successful.

A lot of work goes into offering our new version of insurance in each and every state, so in order to be able to offer our product to the most people in the most places as quickly as possible, we started with the states that make up the majority of the homeshare market. Today, Slice provides coverage to over 80% of homeshare hosts in our first 25 states.

Since we’re the first to do what we’re doing, we know it may not seem like the real deal, but trust us, it is. It’s real insurance with real value. We simply redesign it so it works the way you need it to—on-demand and pay-per-use—and with all the other policy benefits that make it worth it. Our homeshare policy include $2M in commercial liability, the full replacement cost of a host's home and their contents, plus 18 various coverages for events that happen while hosting (whether accidental or deliberate), like breakage of valuables, damage to electronics, theft, and so on.

Here's the latest and greatest list of Slice homeshare coverage states:

Arizona California   Colorado Florida Georgia
Hawaii Illinois Iowa Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts New Hampshire  New Jersey  New York
Nevada North Carolina  Ohio South Carolina  Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington 
Washington, D.C.         

Thanks to these 25 states we are growing and thriving and able to continue to expand our insurance coverage across the country. Thanks again for celebrating with us and check back to see new states added soon!


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