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Raise a pint, Slice has landed in the UK.

Today, we’re proud to announce Slice has expanded to the UK (and if you’ve heard we poke fun at the British accent and odd vocabulary well that’s just codswallop). We saw great success in the US market and we wanted to meet the insurance needs of on-demand insurance overseas as well. We quietly set up shop in London over a year ago and have been working on our licensing approval for the UK, as well as localizing Insurance Cloud Services and our on-demand products for the UK market. Dawid Glawdzin, who joined Slice from Google and the Google Compare initiative, is leading our team from our London office.  As the birthplace of modern insurance, and a leader in the new insurance world, Slice sees the UK market and London as a key next step. Slice Insurance Cloud Services™ is currently running in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

We partnered with one of UK’s leading financial services companies and home insurance providers, Legal & General. As an early adopter of our Insurance Cloud Services™, L&G plans to be one of the first to launch homeshare insurance and fully digital on-demand products with our game-changing digital insurer as a service.

The expansion to the UK is a huge milestone in our growth as a company, and one that brings us closer to our vision of supporting on-demand insurance in an on-demand world.