We talk to a lot of homeshare hosts to learn about experiences they’ve had so we can make sure we’re offering the coverages they’re looking for. We get surprisingly weird questions and hear many peculiar, often oddly specific, stories of things guests have done followed by “would that be covered?” So we’ve compiled 9 instances where thankfully, the answer is yes it would be covered.

1.  A guest throws a party. Or a wedding.

There are so many stories out there about guests throwing parties at homes they’ve rented. I recently read a story where a couple had their wedding, complete with catering, a dj and a minister, at a home without telling the host.

Slice has a few coverages to protect you against revelers, like liquor liability, which covers you in the event you are held responsible for a guest serving alcohol on your property. With parties and alcohol usually comes noise, so yep, we have coverages for municipal citations, fines and penalties, covering your expenses if you receive a noise ordinance fine or similar.

There’s also the most obvious result of a renter throwing a party...

2. A guest trashes my home.

Whether it’s a situation like above where a guest throws a party or they just act like an 80’s rocker in a hotel, there are lots of stories of hosts returning to a completely trashed home. And yes, Slice covers vandalism, malicious damage, and more, like when...

3. A guest breaks something.

Accidents happen, but when something expensive or of personal value is broken it stings. It’s a risk hosts take every time they rent their home, but with Slice’s coverages of accidental breakage of valuables and accidental damage to appliances and electronics, hosts can rest easy knowing their valuables are protected.

4. A guest steals something.

Another risk hosts take every rental period is theft. Whether it’s something small or they clean out your entire home, being robbed can shake even the most experienced host. Slice covers theft so you can replace (and nail down) your stolen items.

5. A guest runs up my utility bill.

Sometimes guests forget (or don’t care) that the hosts are responsible for paying utilities, but don’t worry, that’s another one of our coverages—excess use of utilities. So, if you have an environmentally unfriendly guest who uses all the internet data, leaves on every light, tv, fan, and AC unit and takes 2 hour showers we’ve got you covered.

6. A guest forgets what a toilet is for.

While at the AirBNB Open in LA last November, I spoke with a host who told me she had a guest who instead of throwing their travel size shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles in the garbage decided to flush them down the toilet causing the plumbing to back up and the pipe to eventually burst. While this is an isolated incident (let’s hope), Slice would cover you if someone flushed un-flushable objects.

7. A guest brings unwanted items in her suitcase.

One of the very first hosts we spoke with told us he had a guest that brought hundreds of creepy-crawly friends with him. Slice covers the cost for fumigation, cleaning services, and loss or damage of property due to an infestation caused by a guest.

8. A guest steals my identity.

Identity theft is a growing concern in today’s digital age. LifeLock, an identity monitoring firm, did a survey of 1,000 American adults and found that 41% admit to looking through private items of homes they have rented. If you’re a victim of identity theft by a guest, Slice will cover you.

9. Because of a guest, I can’t rent my home.

One of the best coverages that Slice offers goes hand-in-hand with all of the ones above. Our loss of income coverage compensates hosts for the income they would have earned during periods when their home is unrentable while being repaired following a covered claim.

So basically, if you find yourself wondering “if X,Y, Z happens would that be covered?” the answer most often is YES! 

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