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So many Slice customers tell us about the fun parts of being a homeshare host.  Things like extra income, meeting interesting guests and making use of underused real-estate are constantly mentioned.  What is not often spoken about are some of the "not so fun" responsibilities that hosts must contend with.

Wear and tear to your home is just part of the experience of being a homeshare host. You expect that carpets will need cleaning, paint will need touch up and that other small damages may occur as part of rentals. But what happens if a true accident with more serious damage occurs - something beyond wear and tear.

That's where Slice fits in. We aim to make the claim experience as quick and painless as possible so that you can get back to the fun stuff!

Here are some of the ways Slice is different:

Easy claim reporting: No waiting on call center phone lines listening to Muzak! With just a few clicks you report your claim via our app or webpage. You can even upload pictures for us to see.

Homeshare Claims Staff: Has your regular homeowners insurer paid you lately for vandalism or loss of rental income from a homeshare event? We didn't think so. Slice has paid our customers for these exact kinds of things. Our Claims team understands your risks as a host and is ready to provide their expertise to get you back to business.

Specially Designed Coverages: You know that your regular homeowners insurance is not designed for your homeshare business. But our Slice policy is! Problems like bed bugs, accidental damage to electronics and  municipal fines resulting from a rental are covered. And many of our homeshare coverages are not subject to the standard policy deductible.

Full Coverage During Rentals: Other purported homeshare insurance products offer stripped down or liability-only coverage. With Slice, your home and personal property receive replacement cost coverage during rentals and you get $2 million liability coverage for claims made against you.  

All that, and no more Muzak!  Let Slice help your homeshare business.