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Ok, maybe that’s a little much to handle, but we really do want to shine a light on Slice employee Revanth (Ray).  Because he brightens our day every day! After all, he does have the sexiest job of the 21st century

Ray has been on the data science and engineering (DSE) team at Slice for a little over a year. Hailing from India where he received a Bachelor’s in electronic engineering, Ray went to Canada to continue his education, receiving a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. In his thesis he worked on automatic music transcription using machine learning and statistical models. Now, when he isn’t volunteering as the Director of Business Development for the Festival of India (a non-profit 3 day cultural experience held each summer in Ottawa, Canada) or meditating (which he tries to do at least every other day), you can find Ray at the Slice offices helping to build the ground breaking data science models that power much of what Slice does.

Ray’s passion is truly an inspiration. Because, let’s be honest, not everybody gets super excited about data. But Ray does. And therefore, we do, too! And thank goodness, because data is the engine that makes Slice run. Using data, Ray and the DSE team are constantly monitoring, improving, and perfecting things like fraud detection, pricing and cost assessment, marketing insights, customer behavior—and protecting and securing all that data.

All of these areas are crucially important to Slice and how we operate. It’s how we are able to offer the highest possible product and experience. Almost every area of our business is fueled by the data Ray and his team collect. They pull from more than 300 sources of information and 3rd parties in various, related industries. Then, they aggregate the data into different models so it can be analyzed and applied. This allows us to do things efficiently and accurately like assessing risk to give hosts the best possible price on insurance and evaluating claims so that we can pay (legitimate claims) quickly. So much work for such a simple, wonderful outcome!

So yes, Ray certainly deserves his moment in the sun. He and the DSE team help make Slice the company it is. (Great!)

It’s not easy having this amount of responsibility, but somehow Ray stays focused, humble, and gets it all done.