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Start your watch, here we go. Slice Mind focuses on building and launching services that combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral science. We've been accumulating experience using AI and data to launch digital insurance products with our partners on our ICS platform. From this experience we've developed a range of expertise, models and unique approaches to data that are applicable to a wide range of industry problems.

The Slice Mind difference is our combination of AI and behavioral science, which allows us to answer the question: ‘what can we actually do with this model?’ Behavioral science provides many answers and opportunities. For instance, if you've predicted something you don't want to happen, you can provide a well-timed nudge to try and avoid it. If on the other hand, you predicted something great, you can reward, celebrate or help other people follow that same path.

Taking the claims context as an example, we have the ability to transcribe audio and video in real time or in bulk, in a variety of languages. Our natural-language understanding models then determine loss type and exclusions (if any). This process augments claims data for manual assessment or as a component in an auto-settlement pipeline.


Slice Mind uses data and AI to make predictions and then adds behavioral science to connect these predictions to real life. At Slice, we see huge innovation potential and we’re excited to use AI and behavioral science to solve real problems.