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The weather is warm and across the U.S. people are gearing up to tour many of the national treasures that our country boasts from natural wonders to historical museums. In this blog we regularly provide tips for protecting your assets with on-demand insurance. In this post I’m going to focus on how to cultivate strong business from the increased vacation traffic this summer.

First, to attract some quality clientele spruce up your profile on popular homeshare websites. No one wants to vacation in a place that looks run down or has pictures of cold, snowy, rainy, or freezing weather when they are trying to enjoy some sun.

The most immediate opportunities to secure potential guests is to let your friends and family know that you are open for business. While you may not want to charge close family or friends, their extended network could provide an opportunity for supplemental income to pay for your own vacation.

An unconventional option: consider spending $50 on Facebook advertising to target nearby cities or states that have had cold winters, or by targeting cities with lots of retirees who may want a change of scenery. What do you call them? Snowbirds?

Speaking of marketing, if you like to write and you live in a popular destination city try your chances at submitting an opinion article to your local newspaper sharing your lessons learned and successes of being a homeshare host.

Another potential way to secure new channels of renters is to become a homeshare guest yourself. Experience what makes other successful rentals thrive to give yourself some ideas. This will also help you keep a customer-centric mindset as you rent throughout the year. It is also possible if you have time to speak with the renter they may open additional rental channels for you.

You should also be sure to stay active on homeshare and short-term rental communities like the Airbnb’s, or any of the many hosting Facebook groups. Share your experiences, comment on other posts, and perhaps your rental may be showcased to the global community.

Once you have secured a guest (or two, or three) this summer, ensure the pictures that you took at the beginning of the blog post match what the guest sees when they arrive. Provide a fun summer motif to your rental and word could quickly spread through quality online and offline reviews.

Lastly, take summer homeshare hosting seriously with on-demand insurance, but be sure to hold the opportunity for supplemental income lightly and don’t stress about it, enjoy a nice slice of your favorite pie and have some time to relax.