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Apparently, homeshare hosts like coffee! We recently sent out an email to Slice customers for feedback on our homeshare insurance product. For their time, we offered a Starbucks gift card. We figured we would get a handful of responses. Who likes to respond to surveys, right? Certainly not me. Well, we were wrong. The number of responses was overwhelming and created quite the expensive Starbucks tab. But hey, it was well worth it! Why? Because here’s what we learned:

  1. Our customers are pretty dang happy! Over 30% of our customers responded within 2 days and they all had great things to say. We’re showcasing some of our faves here.
  2. Their concerns? Well, they were ours too and are either already done or are on our to-do list …
    1. Issues with our iOS app; we’re proud to report we’ve pushed out a fix. Be sure to update your app.
    2. Many requests for calendar integration. Great news! It’s coming soon.
    3. We received a few comments from customers wanting to hear from someone who has had a claim with us. Done! You can now find that on our testimonials page. Lupita is the lucky gal.

If you were one of our awesome survey respondents, thank you! Feedback is so valuable. From the very beginning of Slice, customer feedback has been a pillar of our success. We promise to always be engaged and to listen. Want to tell us your story? Send us a line or two. media@slice.is.