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Tim Attia, the founder and CEO of Slice Labs, will be taking the stage at the Guidewire Connections Conference in San Francisco this Tuesday, October 25th. As a panelist at the Guidewire Insurance Startup Showcase, Tim and other insurance tech leaders will discuss how innovative, on-demand solutions are disrupting the insurance industry. The panel focus is on how these startups design and deliver next-generation customer experiences, and how those experiences are facilitated by disruptive business models like Slice’s.

Tim will highlight how Slice is filling a need for the hundreds of million independent workers participating in the sharing economy. Traditional insurance providers treat these workers like businesses, pushing expensive commercial policies they don’t need—and they can ill afford. But Slice—as the first pay-per-use, on-demand insurer for the on-demand economy—offers a way for these workers to obtain only the insurance they need, one slice at a time. Tim will discuss how Slice’s model is creating a fundamental shift in how insurance is purchased, and what that means for the sharing economy as a whole.

Tim will share the stage with Stefan Hauck, CEO of NAUTO; CJ Pryzbyl, President and Cofounder of Snapsheet, Inc; and Scott Walchek, CEO and Founder of Trōv. Their panel will be held in the Hilton San Francisco Union Square from 2:15—3:00 pm. For more info, follow @SliceLabs and #GuidewireConnections throughout the conference.