We are pleased to announce our partnership with the fantastic, female-focused travel company, Wanderful (ShesWanderful.com).

Founded by Beth Santos, Wanderful is the #1 network for women who travel. The platform provides safe travel and homesharing (short-term rentals) for women only, and also organizes trips, annual events, and provides resources to help build a community of women travelers.

Now, as part of Wanderful’s service offerings, Slice is providing homeshare insurance to the Wanderful women of the world. Different from travel insurance (which Wanderful already provides through it’s partner Nomads.com), Slice covers your home, or room in your home, plus liability and income interruption, when you are renting to other women in the Wanderful network.

We support Wanderful’s mission to promote the importance of providing verifiably safe places for female renters. Tim Attia, founder of Slice echo’s my support; “We believe women, as gig entrepreneurs, often don’t have the same opportunities as men, for safety reasons, and we would like to remove that barrier of entry for women.”

Slice insurance has more than 18 unique coverages created specifically for homeshare hosts that cover many situations that other insurance companies and homesharing or travel platforms simply can’t. It gives all travelers and hosts, women especially, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected and covered should anything happen; be it an accident, theft, or any damages against you. Plus, you can purchase a policy and file claims securely and easily right through the app. And, unlike, other insurance policies, you can purchase Slice homeshare insurance by the night, thus aligning your stays with the insurance only when it is needed.

Stay tuned for more info about Wanderful and our partnership with this empowering organization!