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This week we announced a brand new endeavor for Slice—the Slice Launch Studio. A space we’ve dedicated to supporting innovation by digital insurers and technology firms. This modern workspace is housed in Scotia Plaza, located in the heart of Toronto. With beautiful hardwood floors and walls of windows that provide an abundance of natural light, we were impressed with the inviting nature of the space and felt it was a natural fit with our approach to launching on-demand digital insurance products.

Our Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform enables insurers to quickly launch and scale on-demand, pay-as-you-go insurance products. ICS provides full end-to-end insurance value chain and includes instant access to rich customer focused user experiences, AI and machine learning technologies with implementations of proven behavioral science research. Supporting our ICS platform is our proprietary methodology that guides our partnerships with insurers through the ideation, creation, launch and operation of products on the platform. One phase in our methodology is a hackathon process where we focus on the generation of a new on-demand product. It’s this hackathon phase that we can now host at our new Slice Launch Studio in Toronto.

Our work with insurers over this last year, imagining, creating and launching products on the ICS platform, was our inspiration for the Launch Studio space. It  got us thinking about alternate ways of collaborating during the hackathon and how we might help our partners escape their daily responsibilities and allow them the space, time and imagination to properly innovate on new on-demand digital products.

This means our ICS partners can now chose to have their hackathons at the Slice Launch Studio in Toronto and enjoy not only the innovative, dedicated space but also, all that Toronto, Canada’s most vibrant city, has to offer. For those who chose to visit our Launch Studio, here’s what they’ll find:

- a dedicated space to collaborate with us; free of daily routines and priorities, helping inspire innovation.

- a personalized experience—this is a not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of place. Each hackathon is a unique experience personalized to the company’s needs and goals.

- our proven approach and methodology that is focused on innovation and getting products to market quickly; the studio supports these objectives.

Of course, although the Launch Studio is an option for all customers, Slice will continue to offer partner on-site hackathons for those who are unable to make the journey to Toronto for the full Studio experience. We are committed to working with our ICS partners in the manner that best serves their needs.

And of course, hosting hackathons is only a first objective for our Launch Studio. We have a vision for using this space to further transform the insurance landscape by hosting events that would bring insurers together from around the globe to collaborate; whether to solve a problem, exchange ideas or attend an expert talk. So stay tuned!