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This year’s trip around the sun proved a great many things as we turned four years old. For one, we no longer refer to ourselves as a startup. In fact, we’ve been invited to speak on panels as “one of the originals”; a slightly more seasoned disruptor giving advice to the newcomers. 

Around the time of the Spring equinox, we celebrated new beginnings with the launch of Slice Mind. Using behavioral science, AI and machine learning, Slice Mind unlocks deeper levels of insight into your data.

Following the summer solstice, we expanded into SE Asia and announced our partnership with SOMPO. We’ll have more news soon on SOMPO’s progress with on-demand insurance. 

During the fall equinox, we were proud to see a 4-page spread in ITA Pro’s Fall edition, available at InsureTech Connect, as well as more traction on our cyber insurance product for small & medium businesses (SMBs) through our partnership with Coronet. Speaking of our cyber insurance product, we owe much of its success to a Slice newcomer. Jocelyn Getson joined Slice in April of 2019, and hit the ground running. She was quickly accepted to CTA’s Small Business Council Board, which is no easy feat. 

Our partners at Duuo launched two additional products, and now that number is four new on-demand insurance products in less than a year. 

female factor women at Slice Coronet Slice AXA XL Partnership Small Busisness Council duuo 2 more products

As we approached the end of this year’s lap around the sun (the time of the winter solstice), we launched a revamped website in an effort to tell our whole story more clearly. And, we proudly accepted two awards–The RGD Award for our Slice Brand Book, and our very own Lead Data Scientist, Andrew Clapson made the Analytics Insight® 40 under 40 Innovators list

Lastly, but certainly not least, we wrapped up the year with a bang, forming another new cyber insurance partner—with powerhouse player, Microsoft.

new website Microsoft AXA XL Slice Team up

In the middle of all the major announcements and accomplishments this year, we still found time for other endeavors. For one, we recorded and aired our very own podcast series, Freshly Sliced, managing to knock out 8 episodes already, with more exciting topics queued up for 2020. Our latest episode moderated by our CGO, Philippe Lafreniere, features Rob Galbraith, author of The End of Insurance As We Know It, and Slice CEO, Tim Attia. The three talk through their take on 2019 and predictions for next year.

Secondly, as we all orbited the sun, many of us at Slice made additional trips around the globe, spreading our vision and mission far and wide. We attended and/or spoke at just over 60 events across 15 different countries. 

As this decade comes to an end, we begin to look forward to the next decade. One we anticipate to be ripe with insurance innovation. We imagine more interconnected ecosystems with integrated, frictionless customer experiences that better reflect and support modern life. So here’s to the future: new optimism, new partnerships, new technologies and of course, heaps of gratitude for it all.