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While we’re known for helping carriers launch longer-term digital products, we’re trying something new for carriers who may have some near-term digital needs. We’re offering free virtual hackathons to ideate, ask questions, and get insights with the goal to help with any immediate digital needs.

We’ve been working on some really interesting things in Slice Mind, and as our ICS platform has evolved, we’ve put a lot of focus and thought on claims and underwriting. But, we’re also looking to tackle any other challenges you may be seeing. 

Through the Virtual Hackathon, we’ve been planning for several tracks, which could include:

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Our Virtual Hackathon methodology consists of three personalized sessions:


Phase 1:

We help identify the right team members and facilitate introduction to the virtual approach to create a shared knowledge base.


Phase 2:

Ideation and Hackathon activities are engaging, collaborative and time-boxed to drive the same product innovation as can be achieved in-person generating a broad range of ideas.

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Phase 3:

We integrate the best-fit virtual collaboration tools to drive desired outcomes and finalize the direction. 

If this is something that you’d like to explore, drop us a line.

Until next time!